A Timeline of Messiah Mission Church

Oct 1916: Messiah was organized. Pastor F.W. Hassenflug was installed on Nov 5th in the presence of only 7 people. First sermon preached on Nov 12.

Dec 14, 1916: Ladies Aid Society was formed with a membership of 11

Oct 12, 1917: Young People’s Society was formed. Services were held at West 206th Street and 10th Avenue

Spring 1918: Church moved to 163 Sherman Avenue

April 1918: Rev. H.L. Sprengeler served as temporary pastor due to the illness of Pastor Hassenflug

July 1918: Permanent call to Rev. H.L. Sprengeler. Installed Sept 8

Sept 1919: congregation met in store-front location (size: 9’ x 35’) at 4870 Broadway (near 204 St).

Oct 7 1920: Pastor Sprengeler moved to Gloversville, NY and Pastor Wismar and his associate Pastor W.H. Storm took charge of the congregation.

Fall 1921: Pastor Storm accepted call to Michigan. Pastor Wismar indicated to the Mission Board that he would not be able to serve at Messiah. Theological students, W.E. Bauer and R. Ergang, preached alternately on a temporary basis

Spring 1922: Pastor Frederick P. Wilhelm took charge of the mission church at the request of the Atlantic District.

Oct 15, 1922: Rented space at 190 Sherman Ave, (later renumbered 198).

Space was 15 x 61, rented for 1 year at $100.00 per month

Pastor Wilhelm became pastor of mission congregation in the same month. He lived in the rented quarters at 609West 204th Street.

May 22, 1924: Plot at 202 Sherman Avenue was purchased for $18,500.00

Jul 6, 1924: First outdoor service held at 8:30 P.M. –a tradition that lasted for 31 years until the construction of new building

June 6,1926: Groundbreaking ceremony for Messiah Church House

Sept 19, 1926: Cornerstone laying services

Feb 13, 1927: Dedication of Church House

June 22, 1935: Pastor Wilhelm died

Dec 1, 1935: Pastor Alfred Trinklein installed as pastor of Messiah.

Oct 13, 1940: New constitution of the congregation signed

Spring 1944: Beginning of talks with Saint Matthew about merger

Oct 1, 1945: Merger of Messiah and St Matthew congregations after two years of talks

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 Researched by the Rev. Peter Deebrah